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The Schooley Genealogy Database

This is the short version of our gedcom file converted to a web database by GedBase. The gedcom file contains over 9,000 individuals. Admittedly, most of these have been collected from other sources on the web, rather than through our own research, but we're still having fun and that's what counts. I'd also like to note that in most cases we don't have any more information about the individuals listed than what is provided here.

The "Scholey" Coat of arms

Our Schooley family genealogy traces back to Richard Scholey of Cadwell, Bedfordshire, England who died in the year 1590. Richard was confirmed as the "Grantee of Arms" for the Coat of Arms shown here on June 6th, 1582.

A Pioneer Schooley

This is an Adobe Acrobat PDF file of a book about our family history published in 1941 by my great grandfather Victor Schooley, much of the reasearch and work having been done by his sister May Ivey. The book was scanned and the pdf file created by Bernal Schooley.

Schooley Links
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